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Measuring the effect of the reflection of sound from the lips in brass musical instruments

Proceedings of the 11th French Congress and the 2012 Annual IOA Meeting, Nantes, France (2012) (J. Kemp and R. Smith)

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Analysis of transients for brass instruments under playing conditions using multiple microphones

Proceedings of the 10th French Congress on Acoustics, Lyon, France (2010) (J. Kemp, S. Logie, J. Chick, R. Smith, M. Campbell)

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An Exploration of Extreme High Notes in Brass Playing

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Music Acoustics (Associated Meeting of the International Congress on Acoustics) 25-31 August 2010, Sydney and Katoomba, Australia (2010) (J. Chick, S. Logie, J. Kemp, M. Campbell, R. Smith)

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Distinguishing between similar tubular objects using pulse reflectometry

(A study of trumpet and cornet leadpipes) Measurement Science and Technology 13 (5), 750-757 (2002) (J. Buick, J. Kemp, D. Sharp, M. van Walstijn, D. M. Campbell, R. Smith)

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Exciting Your Instrument!

Journal of the International Trumpet Guild (USA), 44-45 (May 1999) (R. Smith)

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Its all in the bore!

Journal of the International Trumpet Guild (USA), 42-45 (May 1988) (R. Smith)

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Holographs of bell vibrations, News and Views, Nature 329

762 (29 October 1987) (R. Smith)

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Ensuring high quality in the production of musical instruments

Commissioned by British Embassy for Das Musikinstrument 4, 131-132 (April 1986) (R. Smith)

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The effect of material in brass instruments

a review, Proceedings of the Institute of Acoustics 8, 91-96 (1986) (R. Smith)

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Improved brass instrument design methods - The Design of the original 928 SOVEREIGN CORNET (1984)

a) Acoustics conference, Kraslice-Czechoslovakia (September 1983). b) Proceedings of the Institute of Acoustics, 17-20 (April 1984) (R. Smith)

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Recent developments in Trumpet design

Journal of the International Trumpet Guild (USA), (October 1978) (R. Smith)

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Systematic approach to the correction of intonation in wind instruments

Nature 262, 761-765 (1976) (R.Smith and D.J.Daniell)

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Smith Watkins Cornets Brochure

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Smith Watkins Ceremonial Brass Instruments Brochure

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Smith Watkins Trumpet Brochure 2014

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A Review of the Smith-Watkins 'Solist' Tenor Horn by Arfon Owen. Solo Horn, Grimethorpe Colliery Band

I've recently been sent a Smith Watkins horn to try out, and I must admit this instrument is outstanding. The 5 inter-changeable lead pipes however I feel give me too much choice, and I'm forever changing my mind as to which I prefer.

In terms of sound, valve action and ease of blowing, this is a quality instrument, and I urge anyone with the opportunity to give one a go.

What I particularly like is the straightened lead pipe like that of a trumpet's, as the air seems to travel more directly into the instrument (sounds obvious really!), which really helps above top C. However, this does mean that you have to play with a perfect posture to get the most out of it. The valves are absolutely fantastic, and the sound is warm, dark and sonorous throughout the register.

This is not a sales pitch by the way, its just I've not seen or heard many people talk about these instruments as of yet. Whether or not a trigger is really necessary on a tenor horn I'm yet to conclude, but overall, a quality instrument well built and great to see a new instrument company moving the development of the instrument forwards.

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