Cornets - B-flat

Soloist Cornet

The ultimate in versatility.

Granted Millennium Product status in 1999, the Soloist Cornet has the unique facility for swapping over 5 leadpipes, enabling changes in musical quality for varying playing styles and environment. So no matter what playing circumstances you are in, you will only ever need one instrument. The leading players of the Royal Marines Bands choose this instrument.
Soloist Cornet specification

Artiste Cornet

Fortunately, we are all individuals.

For those whose playing activities are more focused, Smith-Watkins do not make just one cornet expecting it to satisfy all players, but give you the opportunity to select the one which suits your playing style and environment. The Royal Air Force use 24 of our custom-built Artiste Cornets in their three bands.

We offer 27 acoustically different models to choose from!
Artiste Cornet specification

Professional Cornet

Bands have to consider the next generation of players when making a purchase so need to choose the best 'all round' instrument.

All our instruments are designed and made to last. The Salvation Army staff bands in New York and Amsterdam have chosen the Professional 470-K2 against all competition (2005). The US Army, the Royal Marines and several British bands and soloists have chosen the same model.
Professional Cornet specification

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